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Hancock County Residents Love Gateway Hancock Health

May 3, 2023

Hancock County and East Central Indiana Residents Love Gateway

Gateway Hancock Health is so thrilled to be part of Hancock County and the East Central Indiana community. It’s a joy to have our doors open in such a welcoming environment. And, we have it on good authority that these feelings may be mutual. Take a look at what residents of Hancock County are saying about their experience at Gateway Hancock Health.

Residents Love Gateway Imaging

Our imaging is offered at significant savings to patients, and they love that quality is never sacrificed in the process. Darya shared, “High tech imaging and low cost. Best of both worlds!!! Not like your other low-cost, low-tech options.” 

Kara noted, “This place is efficient, friendly, and very clean. I took my daughter for an X-ray, in and out in 20 minutes. The staff was welcoming and reassuring to my child. Highly recommend!” 

We take the care and comfort of your family seriously. You can count on our staff to help our youngest (and young-at-heart) visitors to feel well taken care of during all procedures.

Residents Love Gateway Labs

We know getting blood drawn isn’t always at the top of your list. It’s also one of those things that most adults need annually as part of their physical.  Fortunately, putting you at ease is in the Gateway wheelhouse! Kacy says, “I came here for blood work, and the staff was excellent. The tech was very good at distracting me from the blood draw. This is a very clean, inviting environment. The prices also seems to be better than others I’ve found.” Our lab techs, Aynslee and Kayla, love what they do. We know you’ll be able to tell in the care they extend to you during your lab visit to Gateway.

Residents Love Gateway Immediate Care

When last-minute health needs arise, Gateway Immediate Care has you covered.  It can be stressful to see a healthcare provider you don’t know, but some care and kindness goes along way.

Jessica summed up her experience by saying, “Exceptional care for immediate care for myself and my children. Kind and caring staff.”

We know that when you need Immediate Care, other parts of your life are getting pushed aside.  We want to get you in and out so you can return to your regularly scheduled programming. 

Ashley had a great experience. When she visited our immediate care service, she reports, “The nurse practitioner was polite, knowledgeable, and had great bedside manner. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes (had some tests done that required waiting …otherwise we would have been done sooner). Would definitely recommend and will use again!”

Thank you, East Central Indiana community for welcoming us here, and for trusting us with your imaging, lab and immediate care needs.

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