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Does the Cost of Medical Imaging Stress You Out?

March 7, 2023

If you’re like a lot of people, the healthcare costs incurred from even a routine doctor’s visit can be reason enough to keep you from going. What you owe  – and your stress – only grows when you add on the extra high costs typically associated with medical imaging. Costs of X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds can quickly feel out of hand. 

At Gateway Hancock Health, we agree. High health care costs both increase anxiety and keep people from getting the imaging they need to be on their way to better health. That’s why we brought our medical imaging costs down –  way down. Our medical imaging costs are up to 70% lower than what you’ll find elsewhere! (Go ahead, you can exhale now.)

Low-Cost MRI

At Gateway, your cost for MRI will range from $599-$850. The exact same MRIs can cost up to $1856 elsewhere. You won’t be sacrificing a bit of skill or compassion for this incredible financial savings. While our low prices may draw you in to Gateway, we think our friendly, professional care will have you coming back for more of your healthcare needs!

Low-Cost X-rays

Need x-rays? Not a problem! Gateway’s x-ray cost is also offered at great savings. Our general x-ray services range from $75-$150. These same x-rays will cost $75-$4,200 elsewhere.

Low-Cost CT Scans

Gateway also offers CT scans, and guess what? Our savings extends to this service as well. You won’t pay more than $699 for a CT scan at Gateway, while these same scans could set you back up to $1976.  

Low-Cost, Convenient Medical Imaging

Gateway offers incredible medical imaging at a fantastic cost. Conveniently located in Greenfield, right off of I-70, Gateway is the perfect place to get your medical imaging completed so you can get back to living life.  

With our direct-to-consumer model, we’re able to keep our costs low, and pass those savings on to you. It’s true that Gateway’s healthcare experts offer medical advice, not financial advice. But if you were to ask us we’d say, “Save your dollars and go to Gateway!”

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