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January 30, 2023

Top 10 Things East Indy is Saying about Gateway Hancock Health

There are a lot of reasons we think Gateway Hancock Health is a great addition to Hancock County, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Here are the top 10 things that our patients love about our healthcare offerings to the east Indy community. 

1. Low-Cost, Affordable Services

East Indy loves this the most! Whether you need labs, a physical, or imaging, our prices average 70% lower than what you’ll find elsewhere. That’s impressive! Our patients with high deductible insurance plans especially love Gateway Hancock Health because it helps their keep out of pocket expenditures low.  

2. Excellent Staff

We’ve been repeatedly told we have great techs and staff who take the time to explain tests and costs in detail, and are friendly, kind, and caring. In addition, our staff is great with both adults and kids – making this a fantastic one stop shop for your healthcare needs.  

3. Great Immediate Care

From checking wait times ahead of your visit to our friendly staff and doctors, your experience here will be a good one. Patients love that they are “in and out” so they can take care of other things.  

4. High Tech Imaging

Whether your primary doctor refers you to Gateway Hancock Health for an MRI, CT or ultrasound, or you need to check if your kiddo’s amazing slide into home plate did, in fact, fracture that arm, we are here for you. Our imaging techs are described as “great” by our patients and are ready to take care of all your imaging needs.  

5. Ease of Scheduling

When you need an appointment, you don’t want to wait weeks to make it happen. East Indy loves that imaging, labs, and visits are easy to check off your list.

6. Smooth Lab Draws

No one enjoys having their blood drawn, but our patients notice how great our techs are at distracting them through the process. This is just one more way that we strive to provide you with an outstanding healthcare experience.  

7. Fast Results

Let’s face it, waiting for a diagnosis can be one of the hardest parts of a healthcare experience. Our patients notice how fast our results from imaging and lab work come back. When results come back, we send them to your provider. And, if you participate in our Health Connect Portal, they are available to you online as well. 

8. Fun Facility  

From our “organized” and “cool” building, to its cleanliness and bright esthetic, be assured that you will feel welcomed and comfortable as you receive care at Gateway Hancock Health. Don’t forget, we have complimentary tea and coffee as you wait!

9. Convenient Location

Our east Indy location in west Hancock County is a real people pleaser. Whether you are coming from Greenfield, New Palestine, McCordsville, Fishers, or other areas on the east side of Indianapolis you will find Gateway to be accessible for your healthcare needs. 

10. Fabulous Overall Experience

Whether you are visiting Gateway Hancock Health for imaging, lab work, or immediate care, east Indy is loving the overall experience. We don’t disagree. We work hard to make your experience a good one. 

Have you visited Gateway Hancock Health yet? We’d love to hear about your experience and know what topped the visit for you! Feel free to send us a note or submit a Google review! If you haven’t gotten a chance to experience Gateway Hancock Health for yourself, keep us in mind for your lab, imaging, and immediate care needs! 

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