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Top Three Reasons to Love Gateway

February 1, 2023

There’s a lot we love about Gateway Hancock Health. When we reimagined what healthcare could look like, this was the result. So, you know there’s a lot of goodness to be had. Here are the top three reasons we think you’ll love being part of the Gateway Hancock Health community!

You’ll Love Gateway Because It’s Convenient

Ending up in East Central Indiana near Indy’s eastside was no accident. We want to serve West Hancock County with an easy-to-get-to location that makes scheduling and receiving your healthcare a breeze. We know that offices located far from where you are mean more time away from family, work, and home. Our location is set up to make getting those check-ups, labs, and scans as easy as it can get. Whether you’re coming from Greenfield, New Palestine, McCordsville, Fishers, or elsewhere on the east side of Indianapolis, our location at the intersection of I-70 and Mount Comfort Road (also known as 600W or Olio Road) makes Gateway an easy stop for you.

Gateway has Fast, Friendly Service

We get it –  life is full, and you don’t want to waste time waiting around a medical office or interacting with people who really don’t want to be helping you. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly service, designed to get you in and out the door (happily!). From the front desk to the back office, our staff is here to help you have a great experience. We would be shocked if you weren’t greeted with a smile and made to feel right at home. Did you know that we also have tea and coffee available for you while you wait? This is just one of the touches that we hope makes you feel welcomed at Gateway.

Low-Cost Healthcare Services

Our top reason why we think you’ll love Gateway is our low prices. We know healthcare can be a major budget buster for people, especially when unexpected doctor visits and medical needs pop up. Our services, from immediate care visits to labs and scans, cost an average of 70% less than what you’ll find at other area health testing sites. That alone makes us stand out! What do we compromise to get such great prices? Absolutely nothing. Because we are not a hospital facility, we are able to keep our prices low – and we happily pass those savings right along to you.

The next time you need medical care, we hope you’ll come visit us and enjoy our convenient location, friendly service, and low prices. 

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