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Poison Ivy vs Poison Oak: Do’s, Dont’s & How To Tell The Difference

Poison Ivy vs Poison Oak – how can you tell the difference (and does it…

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Top 7 Reasons Gateway is Great for a Busy Summer

Here’s how Gateway Hancock Health can keep your family on track during your busy summer.

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East Central Indiana Summer Activities

The end of school and beautiful weather signifies the start of East Central Indiana summer…

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Summer Safety Tips

A little preparation goes a long way to ensure your summertime safety.

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The Importance of A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is just as important for adults as it is for little ones. But why?…

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Tips to Help Your Asthma and Allergies

We can’t eliminate the pollen, but we can offer you some tips to help your…

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Women’s Health at Gateway

Did you know that Gateway Hancock Health is a great option for woman-specific healthcare needs?…

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Little Things You Can Do to Connect With Nature & Improve Your Health

Connecting with nature is a great way to improve your health. Sometimes, small changes make…

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Gateway Hancock Health - phlebotomist or lab technician career opportunities
Reasons To Love Our Lab Team

Gateway Hancock Health has grown so much in our offerings over the past year, but…

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