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Meet the Imaging Staff at Gateway Hancock Health

August 30, 2023

Together, Gateway Hancock Health’s imaging staff has nearly 50 years of experience! If you need a CT scan, MRI scan or an X-ray, know that you’ll be in excellent hands with Stephenie, Chelsea, and Brooks.  

Meet the Imaging Staff at Gateway Hancock Health

Read on to learn more about our imaging staff at Gateway Hancock Health, and what they love to do. 

How many years have you been in the industry? 

Stephenie Hoskins (SH): 25 years in healthcare 
Chelsea Sandberg (CS): I have been a tech for 18 years
Brooks Ayers (BA): 6 years

How long have you been with Hancock Health? 

SH: 21 years 
CS: 4 years
BA: 4 years

At Gateway Hancock Health I help patients…

SH: By providing excellent patient care and ensuring that they get quality imaging. I enjoy meeting new people and making their experience the best it can be.  
CS: By treating them like family. It was the first thing I was ever taught and the best advice!
BA: By performing MRI scans to aid in their diagnoses. I help out coworkers by trying to have equipment ready to go each morning. 

My favorite Hancock Health project/event that I’ve been a part of is: 

SH: The Teddy Bear Clinic. It is fun to show children that they don’t need to be afraid when getting an X-ray. I also love their smiles and giggles when they see the X-ray of their stuffed animals!  
CS: The Gateway Hancock Health project. It’s been phenomenal being a part of such a great organization, and bringing high quality/low cost healthcare to the East Central Indiana area. 
BA: Being a part of the COVID Clinic was a unique experience. At that time, so much was unknown, and it was all valuable experience. 

Favorite thing about working for Hancock Health? 

SH: It has always felt like a family. 
CS: The connections made with coworkers and patients.  I’ve met some really great people these past few years, and lifelong friends. 
BA: Small town feel; feels like a community.

Favorite part of your specific job?

SH: I love that every day is different!  There is always an opportunity to learn something new.  I also have the best coworkers!  
CS: Every day is different. I get to meet new people, perform a variety of exams in differing modalities, and hang out with some great coworkers. You never know what the day will bring!  
BA: Scanning a variety of exams and doing my best to acquire the best images for my patients. 

What’s your favorite way to kick off a work week? 

CS: Starbucks. Really good coffee to get my Monday started!  
BA: Spending Sunday evening relaxing at home with family and resting up for a busy work week. 

Outside of work, I enjoy: 

SH: Spending time with my four grand babies, friends, and family.   
CS: Traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with my family.   
BA: Going on adventures with my wife and twin girls; watching sports; taking our Goldendoodle Finn on walks at local parks. 

Many thanks to Stephenie, Chelsea, and Brooks for letting us get to know them a bit more, and for using their fantastic skills in the Gateway Hancock Health community. If you find yourself with imaging needs, Gateway Hancock Health is here to serve you on your way to better health. 

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