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Low Cost X-Ray at Gateway

June 18, 2023

Being told you need an x-ray often comes as a surprise. What you pay for that x-ray shouldn’t be!

Gateway Is Your Option for Low Cost X-Ray

Where do you go for a low cost x-ray option? At Gateway Hancock Health, we offer direct-to-consumer pricing which means that you save — big time. Our x-rays (and other services) are priced at up to 70% savings compared to what you’ll pay elsewhere. At other facilities you’ll pay anywhere from $75 – $2400 for general x-ray services. At Gateway? Our rates range from $70 – $150 — Really! It’s right here on our website.

When you come to Gateway Hancock Health, affordability isn’t the only thing that will bring you relief. You’re also getting a convenient location with a wide range of hours to meet your needs (after a late sports practice, perhaps).  Additionally, this is all served up with friendly, highly professional service from each person you interact with — from our check-in team to our medical professionals.

We know that what precedes an x-ray — and what follows it — isn’t always an easy experience. Injury and recovery are hard on the body. Our hope is that by coming to Gateway Hancock Health for your x-ray needs, you receive a bit of respite from the shock!

When you come through Gateway‘s doors you’ll immediately be put as ease. We have coffee and tea for you (hot chocolate, too!) in our waiting area. We’ve even got a charging station for your devices in case a detour wasn’t included in your phone’s battery plan for the day. 

Our nurses, techs and nurse practitioners are not only highly skilled, but  also truly fantastic people. We know that you will feel fully taken care of and at home while receiving the best medical care around.

The next time life throws you a curve ball (er, hits you with it), know that Gateway Hancock Health is here to make what comes next just a little bit easier to handle.

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