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Practice Fireworks Safety This July 4th

June 18, 2024

Practicing fireworks safety is an important, yet easy, way to ensure you and your family stay safe this July 4th. Here are a few tips to start your celebration with a bang (pun definitely intended).

Fireworks Safety for a Safe and Happy 4th

When it comes to fireworks the absolute safest way to enjoy them is by watching a professional fireworks show from a safe distance of at least 500 feet from where they are being launched. Many towns in the area have their own July 4th fireworks displays and this is a great way to enjoy the fun of fireworks stress-free.  Simply show up, throw down a blanket and take in the show!

Of course, this option doesn’t work for everyone, and fireworks are often part of gatherings hosted by family, friends and neighbors as they celebrate the summer holidays together. If this will be part of your upcoming July 4th celebration here are a few other things to keep in mind.

Know your fireworks. Did you know there are different classes of fireworks? Some are for home and personal use and these are called “consumer fireworks”. These will be labeled 1.4g fireworks, as opposed to professional fireworks that are 1.3g. 

Never, ever allow little ones to handle fireworks – before or after they’ve been set off. It’s imperative that your fireworks only be accessible and handled by knowledgeable adults that understand the power behind the fun.  Make sure kids (and pets) stay a good distance away from where the fireworks will be set off.  This will ensure their safety even if a firework goes rogue and soars in the wrong direction. 

Keep a bucket of water and a hose nearby. Place any used fireworks (or fireworks that don’t go off after being lit) in the bucket so that they don’t accidentally spark later. In case a firework lands and keeps sparking, the hose will come in handy to keep sparks from causing a bigger fire.

If you are responsible for setting off the fireworks, keep the following things in mind. Never aim fireworks at a person, car, home or pet; they should only be aimed upward. Wear eye protection in case of a flyaway spark or firework with a mind of its own. Damage to the eyes is not uncommon with firework usage and an injury of this type can have lifelong effects on vision.

However you choose to celebrate this July 4th, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful holiday filled with connection, fun and spark.

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