The Madness of March and Basketball

March 21, 2024

The madness of March is upon us and that means one thing – the height of college basketball.

Are you ready for it?

What to Know About March Basketball Season

March means one thing in Basketball: It’s time for the NCAA basketball tournament! 64 women’s teams and 68 men’s teams from colleges and universities around the country compete annually in this historic tradition that’s been around for almost 85 years. Each team is seeded and then the initial round is played accordingly. This is a single elimination tournament so teams only get one chance to be the best. Otherwise, you’re out! (Wait, we’re getting confused with baseball season here!)

The fun that happens with seeding is that the lowest seed plays the highest seed. Sometimes the outcomes of these games are predictable; but sometimes, an underdog emerges! This provides lots of drama and fanfare for fans across the country. Some amongst us may remember the 1985 Villanova Wildcat victory over Georgetown, where the previously unranked team unbelievably took home the trophy. That match-up was considered the “perfect game” by many.

Homegrown fans and b-ball experts alike can fill out brackets before the tournament begins. While we don’t condone gambling, some places of employment have been known to host NCAA pools for people to submit their brackets. Occasionally prizes in the form of cold hard cash may be involved for the winners who tend to have exceptional observation skills or insider knowledge. (You didn’t hear it here, folks.)

What’s so fantastic about the NCAA tournament is the camaraderie it creates each year. Friends gather for late nights of game watching. People who love basketball and people who know nothing about basketball come together to enjoy the show – the game itself, of course, but also the music and the cheering and the crowds. Strong friendships, time with loved ones and laughing are all things that promote health and wellbeing. Now that’s something Gateway Hancock Health supports unequivocally! 

Purdue is looking like a top contender in the men’s tournament this year and Notre Dame Is looking strong for the Women’s tournament. We couldn’t be prouder of any and all teams that represent Indiana this year. And, we can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Whether you are a lifelong basketball fanatic or a relative newbie, the madness that comes with March Basketball has something to offer everyone. May the best teams win!

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