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Reasons To Love Our Lab Team

March 21, 2024
Gateway Hancock Health - phlebotomist or lab technician career opportunities

Gateway Hancock Health has grown so much in our offerings over the past year, but we still offer all our basics, including labs. Read on to find out about our wonderful lab team and why you’ll love getting labs done at Gateway Hancock Health. And if you are looking for phlebotomist or lab technician career opportunities, click here to explore current open positions at our more than 30 network locations.

Labs at Gateway are…


Our in-house lab processes almost all of the lab orders that come to us. You don’t need to go to one place for one set of labs and another place for a different set. On the off chance your provider orders a lab that we aren’t able to process in-house you still won’t need to travel. We will draw your blood on-site, then send the specimen to one of our partner labs for an equally fast and competent analysis.


Sure, getting labs drawn at Gateway is super convenient if you happen to have been in our immediate care or primary care offices located in the same building. But even if you’re just stopping by, our building is centrally located just off of I-70 and Mt. Comfort Road and only minutes away from Greenfield, New Palestine, McCordsville, Fishers, and the east side of Indianapolis. Gateway’s lab is a convenient stop in your day.


Our lab team loves what they do, and they’re great at it. With years of experience among them, you will feel confident in their abilities to put you at ease while they draw your labs. All results are shared with your provider and – if you’re a Hancock Health patient already – you can access them in your patient portal.


As with all the great offerings Gateway provides, our lab services are a cost-effective choice for your unique healthcare needs. Our goal is to provide affordable healthcare and you’ll see that our lab prices are lower than what you’ll find at other nearby facilities. With our focus on making healthcare accessible, we are proud to offer some of the best prices around.

Whether you are drawing labs as part of your routine healthcare or to figure out a specific healthcare issue, Gateway’s lab team is ready to take care of you today. To your health!

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