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Staff Favorites: Advice for the New Year

December 18, 2023

Not everyone gets excited about New Year’s resolutions, but it’s still a great time to introduce some good advice into our routines.  

Advice to Consider in the New Year

The wonderful staff at Gateway Hancock Health shared their best pieces of advice for you. Don’t worry — you won’t be on anyone’s naughty list if these don’t take root in your life, but give one or two a try and see if you notice an impact. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Hydration is crucial for your body’s basic functions, and it also makes a huge difference in how you feel. Not sure how much to drink? A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, aim for drinking 100 ounces of water. 

Move Everyday

Moving your body every day keeps joints limber and helps to move the lymph fluid in your body (this is important in keeping sickness away). If it feels overwhelming to think about moving your body, start with some simple stretches, a walk around the block, or going up and down your stairs a few times. Or consider joining one of the Hancock Wellness Centers

Get Outside 

Getting outside has multiple benefits to your health. Science tells us that being exposed to natural light is great for our circadian rhythms. If you can expose your eyes to both early morning and late afternoon light, you may find that your sleep is deeper and more restful than you’ve had in a while! 

Open Your Windows

Why should you open your windows in the dead of winter in East Central Indiana? Opening your windows for a few minutes each day helps to get fresh air inside your home and reduce indoor air pollutants. Another option is to crack your bedroom window before bed. Some people love to sleep in a cool room while burrowed under the covers. 

Shut Off Your Wifi Overnight

… And while you’re at it, move that cell phone out of your bedroom while you sleep! While the science is not definitive on the effects of wifi, it’s clear that removing devices from the room during sleep leads to less blue light emission, which can disrupt your melatonin production. 

Avoid Sugar at Bedtime

While too much sugar is never great for health, consuming it before bed is particularly challenging for the immune system. Our immune systems work the hardest while we’re sleeping, but sugar decreases the effect of the immune system for up to five hours after ingestion. If you love a sugary treat, try having it with your lunch meal instead of after dinner. 

We wish you all the best in your endeavors – health and otherwise – in the new year. We hope you stay happy and healthy – and we’re here if you need us. 

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