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Hancock Health Women’s Clinic

December 18, 2023

The Hancock Health Women’s Clinic is a long-standing initiative under the Hancock Health network in partnership with the Hancock Health Foundation, started under the auspices of Myra Bleill and a group of dedicated volunteers in 1998. Read on to learn more! 

All About Hancock Health Women’s Clinic

The James T. Anderson, MD, Center for Women’s Health is located inside Hancock Regional Hospital and the Hancock Health Women’s Clinic is a department within it. The Women’s Clinic exists to fill a gap in healthcare for East Central Indiana women. It aims to serve those that are at-risk and are either underinsured or uninsured.  

At the Women’s Clinic, patients can receive a wide variety of routine and informative care. The Women’s Clinic has a large focus on breast health and conducts mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies for both diagnostic and screening purposes. Additionally, the Women’s Clinic is a great option when needing routine preventative care such as Pap smears and pelvic exams. Women have access to hormone replacement counseling, information regarding birth control, and support for other nonsurgical gynecologic issues. 

The clinic is overseen by a Hancock Health OB/GYN provider and is staffed by a women’s health nurse practitioner and clinic coordinator. Hancock Health works hard to offer accessible and affordable healthcare options while never sacrificing expertise and care to its patients. 

Funding for the Women’s Clinic comes from multiple sources, including the Women Helping Women (WHW) Gala that occurs each October. Scheduled to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the gala is a delightful evening dedicated to honoring those that have encountered breast cancer on their journeys, and raising funds to provide much needed healthcare to the women of East Central Indiana. Additionally, the Women’s Clinic has been a recipient of generous grants, including the the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust (IBCAT). The mission of the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust, Inc. is to increase awareness and improve access to breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and support services throughout Indiana.

The Women’s Clinic team is proud to be able to serve under and uninsured women in Hancock County and the surrounding area and provide important preventative care services. If you are interested in receiving care at the Women’s Clinic, please call the clinic coordinator at (317) 468-4641. Patients may be asked to provide proof of financial status prior to receiving care.  

Whether you are a woman in need of excellent gynecological care, or an individual looking to support healthcare for all women, we invite you to learn more about the Women’s Health Clinic and its positive impact on our community. 

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