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Halloween Safety Tips

October 12, 2023
Greenfield Halloween Safety Tips 

If you hadn’t noticed the abundance of ghostly decor, Halloween is about to jump out around the corner! We’ve got some safety tips to keep you and your family happily trick-or-treating all night long. 

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids of All Ages 

From your little doggies to your big ghosts and ghouls, we’ve got you covered. You know your kids best, so always set the boundaries that will work best for your family. And of course, have fun! 

Wear Well-Fitting Costumes

This helps little ones — especially unsure walkers — avoid tripping and falling over themselves, as well as helping others avoid tripping on them as well. 

Bring A Flashlight

As the evening gets darker, make sure everyone can see the path in front of them. This will also help ensure that you can keep your eyes on all the little ones in your group. 

Have Kids Eat Before Heading Out

This may not sound like a safety tip but hear us out. Kids with full bellies can focus better, and are more likely to follow your instructions than kids that are hungry. Added bonus? Being full on dinner means there’s less room to fill up on sugar, which will lead to an easier bedtime for all.  

Use the Sidewalks 

Avoid routes that would require walking on the road, especially roads with limited visibility for drivers. When crossing streets, make sure to use crosswalks, and teach your kids to make eye contact with drivers to make sure they are seen before moving into an intersection. 

Check the Candy

Finally, make sure to look over everyone’s candy at the end of the night. If anything appears open or tampered with it is best to throw it out. 

Tips for Older Kids 

If you have older kids that are venturing out with friends on their own, this can be an exciting night for them and a nerve-wracking night for you! Together, talk through a game plan ahead of time. Remind your bigger kids how and when they should check in with you. Establish the neighborhoods that they will be visiting, and who they will be with. Remember that there’s safety in numbers. Kids with phones should be reminded to not look at their screens while walking. If they need to use their phone (like when they are checking in with you) they should alert their friend group to stop and wait for them. Don’t forget to make a plan for how and when your child will get home.  

Gateway Hancock Health wishes you a spookily fun and frighteningly fantastic Halloween! 

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