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10 Top Reasons People Visit Immediate Care

July 25, 2023
Top Reasons People Visit Immediate Care

Immediate care exists for various types of incidents; here are the top 10 reasons people pay us a visit at Gateway Hancock Health.  

10 Top Reasons People Visit Immediate Care 

Here are the top 10 immediate care reasons that bring people into Gateway Hancock Health. 

  1. Upper Respiratory Infections 

URIs, while typically not too serious, can make you feel truly terrible. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to them than others. Fortunately, we are here to help get you back to your typical self.  

  1. Breaks & Sprains  

Sports practice, house projects requiring ladders and inanimate objects tripping you in the dark are all perpetrators of breaks and sprains. If you’ve fallen and you can’t get up, we’re here to lend a helping hand. 

  1. Deep Scrapes & Scratches 

Scrapes and scratches are common from any type of fall, particularly on gravel surfaces. Sometimes you’ll be able to see debris in the wound, but oftentimes dirt (and other harbingers of bacteria) isn’t visible to the eye. We can clean and dress your scrapes to avoid future infection.  

  1. Burns  

Whether it’s too much sun exposure or a campfire spark gone rogue, burns are quite common. If there’s any question as to how serious a burn is, it’s best to get it checked out by a medical professional. 

  1. Skin Rashes 

Rashes can be a result of sensitive skin, an allergic reaction, or a sign of a more serious illness. let us check it out before it leads to a bigger issue.  

  1. Food Poisoning

Sadly, Aunt Martha’s potato salad reached its peak two hours before you ate it. While some food poisoning barely registers on the discomfort scale, other times it can take you down for a day or two.  Don’t hesitate to get checked out; it’s important to avoid dehydration. 

  1. Sore Throats 

Sometimes sore throats are predecessors to colds or other illnesses. Other times, like in the case of strep throat, it’s its own unique issue. We can take a look, take a swab as needed, and get you feeling better ASAP! 

  1. Cold & Flu 

Despite popular belief, colds and flu are not limited to a “season.” They can rear their ugly heads anytime (and why do summer colds seem more awful than winter colds?). While we can’t prevent them entirely, we can help you feel more comfortable (and provide a flu shot when you need one). 

  1. Earaches  

If you haven’t experienced an earache recently, consider yourself fortunate! Whether the cause is infection, swimmer’s ear or it’s related to that URI, ear pain is no fun to deal with. If you can’t come see us right away, try applying a warmed washcloth or rice sock and see if that helps. 

  1. Cuts 

Cooking, crafting and accidentally careless maneuvers can all be culprits of those deep cuts. If you’re questioning whether you need stitches or not, let us weigh in.  

These are our top reason that people visit us throughout the year. However, we are here for all your minor medical needs. Your family’s wellbeing is important to Gateway Hancock Health. 

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