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Gateway Hancock Health Labs

February 15, 2023

We bet you already know that here at Gateway Hancock Health we offer a full array of lab services. But do you know what makes our lab services stand out?

Gateway Labs Are Convenient

Our lab services are offered on-site, right here in our building. Whether you’re visiting Gateway specifically for lab draws, or you need labs because of your immediate care visit, we’ve got you covered. We love that we have everything you need in-house (and you will, too).

Gateway Labs Are Extensive

Our lab services are comprehensive.  We offer a full range of both lab tests and health screenings to help you and your care team both treat and prevent health issues. We can test liver function and nutrition status, as well as for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Unsure if you still have immunity to something? We’ve got you. Patients will often come to us for various screenings, such as chemistry, diabetes, and thyroid. Don’t forget your important annual physical! We provide women’s and men’s health screenings as well.  Whatever you need, we are here for you.

Can you use our lab services even if you’re not a Hancock Health patient? Absolutely! Come on in – we’d love to see you. Simply ask your doctor to order your labs through Gateway Hancock Health.

Our Labs Are Competitively Priced

Of course, we know that cost is one of the biggest issues in healthcare these days.  We care about this too, which is why we are so glad to offer our labs at a fraction of the cost that you’ll find at other facilities. Our labs cost an average of 70% less than what you’ll pay elsewhere. This means more money in your pocket to keep doing the things you enjoy.

We are eager to serve you! 

On top of all these great reasons to come see us at Gateway Hancock, know that you’ll be greeted by our professional, friendly team from the moment you step in the door to the moment you leave. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that people look forward to being in, no matter the reason for the visit. Schedule your labs with Gateway Hancock Health today!

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